IBMS which stands for the Integrated Building management system is fixed in buildings to take care of the various functions of the construction. Integrated Building Management System [[IBMS] is the pinnacle of automation controls that helps in effective and efficient usage of various electro-mechanical systems in a building. With more emphasis on optimized energy controls and green building norms being the new focus area, IBMS aptly helps in achieving the stringent norms by proper monitoring & control of the system used.
We cater big buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, office, shopping centers and other large construction. Our services include coordinate monitoring and control of various systems like HVAC, electrical, DG, sprinklers, hydrant, and security systems for optimized energy usage. IBMS find wide acceptance in IT parks, hospitals, hotels, multiplexes etc.
We help you to integrate both your new or existing building at an affordable cost. Our tailor made solution eases facility management and make your premises cost effective, safe, reliable and comfortable. We will be able to help you in achieving the desired results by providing an appropriate solution. Please feel free to contact us for your requirements.