Fire Safety:
Nowadays safety systems are essential for both office and home. With the growing concern for safety of property, it is better to opt for safety systems than losing valuable equipment and other contents in the office and home.
Fire Detection:
Fire detection & alarm system are primarily a warning system to protect lives & stocks from being destroyed in the space being installed.
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems:
Conventional Fire alarm systems are the commonly used and are the simple fire alarm systems. It provides a single alarm for a complete area. This system uses conventional detectors to sense fire and has a manual point to activate the audio-visual devices.
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems:
Addressable Fire Alarm systems consist of many detectors each having a unique address assigned to them. In case of fire the alarm panel reads the detector which has sensed fire and notifies. Conventional fire alarm systems have the ability to find out the zone where fire has occurred, while the addressable fire alarm system can go one step further and can locate the detector which has sensed fire and triggered the alarm.

Sprinkler Systems:
Sprinkler system is best suited to safeguard properties in a complete building space. We offer appropriate design based on building needs and follow best safety practices and following established norms & standards.