Electrical Installation Works:

As part of our focus to provide one stop service to our clients, we have built a team of Engineers/middle level supervisory staff/ labor / with all necessary tools and test instruments for carrying out Electrical Installation works.
Presently the Focus will be on taking up all Electrical Power Distribution Systems upto system voltages, 11 and 22 KV installations along with our core business of Air conditioning systems.
Selection of make/Type/ specifications for all equipments, at best pricing, without compromising safety / reliability / of the distribution system.
Preparation of detailed drawing / Estimates/ cost of the works, estimating the quantity materials. Etc. and furnish budgetary / final quotation for installation as per design.
Erection / Testing / Commissioning of the works & hand over to the clients with all drawings/ documents as are required to the clients to maintain and operate the Electrical Distribution Systems.
As part of the work, we undertake estimation of Power Loads at the clients place/ prepare necessary documents / Drawing and submitting to the statutory authorities like TNEB/ and obtain sanction of Power as required by the clients.
All statutory compliance / Inspection / Approval of the works, wherever required from authorities, like CEA/CEIG are arranged and obtained as required.
Selection of Optimum rating of standby, Diesel Generator Power Source/ Selection of Optimum rating of UPS and standby Battery capacity / and as per need the clients, selection of Solar Power Back up schemes. All forming part of Design of Distributor System include, selection/ sourcing / installation Testing and commissioning works.